International competition calendar and qualifying time standards

Selection to international competion is based on qualification. All qualifying times must be earned at a GSF or GNOC-sanctioned event, which includes Guam Championship and Pentathlon meets.

With the exception of the Olympic Games,* qualifying time standards for the Micronesian Games, Pacific Games, Oacific Mini Games, and other GNOC-sanctioned events are guided by the 1991 order of the GNOC Executive Board that qualification to participate shall be minimally based on the times of the third (3rd) place finishers in the finals for each event as achieved during the last edition of the relevant Games. With approval, the GSF may allow for minimum times achieved by the last place finisher in the finals for each event, which is typically the 6th or 8th place depending on the competition.

Selection to competitions with limited quotas such as the World Aquatics Championships is determined by the Base Time Proximity Standard.

2024 Oceania Swimming Championships. Gold Coast, Australia

2024 Micronesian Games. Marshall Islands

2024 Summer Olympic Games. Paris, France

2024 World Aquatics Swimming Championships (25m). Budapest, Hungary (TBA)

2025 World Aquatics Championships, Singapore (TBA)

2025 Pacific Mini Games, Palau (TBA)

2027 Pacific Games, Tahiti

2028 Summer Olympic Games. Los Angeles, USA (TBA)

2029 World Aquatics Championships. Beijing, China (TBA)

2032 Summer Olympic Games. Brisbane, Australia (TBA)

*Olympic qualifying time standards are established by World Aquatics.